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A Fast Rising and Ambitious Nigerian Hospitality Group.

Welcome to our hotel chain, where we are dedicated to providing a world-class hotel service experience. With over twenty years of experience our mission is to build a strong brand of value-driven accommodations and stays, ensuring that every guest enjoys exceptional hospitality at an affordable price. From our comfortable rooms and modern amenities to our attentive staff and personalized service, we strive to surpass your expectations and create memorable moments during your stay. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, we invite you to experience our commitment to excellence and make us your preferred choice for unforgettable hotel experiences. Thank you for your patronage.

While you are here, I also invite you to read our corporate social responsibility as a company. 

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Our Journey To becoming A
Leading Hospitality Brand

Awka, 2024

Our story begins in the vibrant capital city of Awka, Anambra State. For the past twenty years, our hotel has consistently been a beloved choice among guests, standing the test of time. Renowned for its timeless appeal, our classic hotel continues to be a favorite destination for travelers seeking a home away from home.

Abakaliki, 2006

After gaining popularity in Awka, we expanded our renowned hospitality to Abakaliki, Ebonyi. Instantly becoming a favored choice among travelers in the region, our hotel in Abakaliki seamlessly upholds the exceptional standards of service and comfort that our guests have come to expect from us.

Amunwo-Odofin, 2008

Following a smooth takeoff in South eastern Nigeria, we proudly opened our first hotel in the bustling city of Lagos. Located in the highly sought-after Amunwo Odofin area, our establishment quickly became synonymous with exceptional hospitality with a homey-feel


Aguda, 2010

We expanded with the launch of our second location in Aguda, a vibrant region in the heart of Lagos. Here, our guests have come to appreciate Adig for our exceptional and cozy relaxation areas, as well as our delectable food offerings.

Achara-Enugu, 2013

Embracing our roots in the East, we made a triumphant return to the evergreen city of Enugu. Nestled in the historic Achara Layout neighborhood, our premium establishment captivated the locals with its unrivaled value and luxurious comfort.

Independence Layout Enugu, 2017

Embarking on our most ambitious project to date, we proudly unveiled a premium establishment in the heart of Enugu City. This opulent hotel stands as a beacon of luxury, catering to guests from across the globe. Our well-appointed rooms and exceptional amenities ensure that every visitor enjoys a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

Abuja, 2019

Building on our successful track record, we decided to venture into long-term stays in the magnificent city of Abuja. We carefully selected the prestigious Maitama Hills area, offering unbeatable value for money and unparalleled service. Our establishment attracts a diverse clientele, including travelers, civil servants, business professionals, and delegates from global organizations visiting the Nation's Capital.

Surulere, 2020

In the bustling and densely populated city of Lagos, the demand for quality accommodation is ever-present. With this in mind, we are proud to present a new establishment that not only provides comfort but also redefines the standards of quality service. Our value-oriented accommodations set a new bar, ensuring our guests experience the utmost comfort without compromising on excellence.

Careers at Adig

Unlock a world of opportunities and launch a rewarding career at Adig Suites. Join our team and become part of a company committed to championing home-grown talent and empowering our staff to reach their full potential. We offer a dynamic work environment, growth opportunities, and a supportive culture that encourages innovation and personal development. Take the first step towards an exciting future with us and discover the endless possibilities for professional growth and success.